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Large, affordable homes. Quiet tree-lined streets. Safe neighborhood. Easy parking. Friendly Neighbors. Just north of Riverdale! Click below for current house listings!





Located at the southern tip of Westchester, Ludlow Park is within commuting distance to NYC, Westchester, Rockland, NJ and CT. The Ludlow Metro North station is just a 5 minute walk and on-street parking is never hard to find. Click below for a neighborhood map.


Great for Jewish Families


WIth an eruv, several local shuls and other Jewish amenities readily available, moving to Ludlow Park doesn’t mean giving up the conveniences of Jewish living in NYC. Click below for more info on Jewish Life in Ludlow Park

Why Ludlow Park? 

Just 3 blocks north of Riverdale, next to the scenic Hudson River, Ludlow Park offers the perfect blend of convenience, beauty and affordability Jewish families seek when thinking about buying a home.

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